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Erhaltene Awards

Black Cat Award von Ozzy & Sue

Award von Ozzy und Sue

Am 08.10.2001 erhielt ich diese beiden schönen Awards von Sue und Kater Ozzy.

Vielen Dank Sue:-) Leider funktioniert der Link nicht mehr. 15.06.2003

Hi Inge, Congratulations, Ozzy loved your site and is sending you the Purrfect Site Award. Night Magic would also like to send you the Black Cat Award. Let me know when you have them in place and I will add you to the Winners Pool. Ozzy, Night Magic and I are so happy that you have joined our Top Site.

We have almost the same cats. I have a black cat with white spot in same place, I have a Tabby cat. Although my Persian Tortie had passed away Aug 24 of this year, she looks like your Tortie. Your new babies are adorable. Heck, all your cats are adorable.

Sue, Ozzy & Night Magic Süsterseel, 08.10.2001

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