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Village Cats AwardAm 10.08.2001 erhielt ich diesen Award von den Village-Cats und Seqkat:-) Ich freue mich sehr darüber.

Danke Village-Cats und Seqkat:-)

Hey Inge, Con~CAT~ulations!!! It's us Cats here and we are excited to tell you we have Paw Printed your site with the Purrfect Site Award! >^..^< Your score was a high 14!! Here's what the Cats are looking for in winning sites: Originality +2 Creativity +2 Organization +2 Content +3 Easy Link Accessiblity +2 Easy Navigation +2 A Continous Theme +2 Contact info. +1 Illegible Links -2 Wide page scrolling to side -1 Slow Loading -1 Too many graphics -2 Font too small - 1 Font too light or dark for background to read -2 Website has not been updated this year 2001 -2 For every three dead links -1 16 = Purrfect Score! 10 & Above - Wins Award We can't wait to see our Paw Print at your site!! Paws-N-Purrs THE CATS >^..^< Below is a special message from our *human* Seqkat - you pronounce that as (say-cat)! ~#~>^..^<~#~

Hey Inge, I apologize for the cats being so late in reviewing your site - they've been so busy helping me with my site and editing my ezine! :o) You have an extraordinary site! You've done a lovely job with it!! We really did enjoy our visit there - seeing your *purr*-ty cats!! Thank you for applying for our award - for that lead us to a lovely cat land to go and visit!!

Thank you, again!!

Süsterseel, 10.08.2001

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