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Welcome to CatManiacs World. Here you will find info about my cats, about my home and about me. To find out what is new, please use the button "News". Click here if you would prefer the German text.

Have fun looking around and please sign my guestbook, so I know, you were here:-)

Please note, that this is a newbie-homepage. During construction (which is still going on *g*), I learnt a lot about HTML and CSS, which I implemented in this site. It was constructed with lots of love and sweat (yes, sweat mostly). The pages are userfriendly and the navigation works even without a mouse by tabbing.

Constructive and other critic is welcome by e-mail:-) Most of the pages are translated into English, but later I will translate all the stories for you to enjoy. I hope, you like the pictures anyway:-)

I would like to ask a favor of you: All the pictures shown on my pages are my property. Please don't steal them. Please ask me and I will be pleased to give them to you :-) The same rule for my own stories please:-)

Inge & Volker Grotjahn, May 2009

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