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Erhaltene Awards

Pris Purr-fect awardAm 10.08.2001 erhielt ich diesen schönen Award von Rich & Theresa. Ich freue mich riesig darüber:-)

Danke Rich & Theresa:-) Leider funktioniert der Link nicht mehr. 15.06.2003

Was out wandering around other cat sites today and came across your site,and I have attached Pris's PURR-fect site award in with this email :) You may resize the graphic if you'd like, all that we ask is that you like it back. Also, if you'd like to give us a short desc of your site (I always find the best descriptions come from the site owners) We will put that up along with your site in our winners page :) Keep up the great work with the site

ShadowWolf (Rich) and T-Jay (Theresa) *

Süsterseel, 10.08.2001

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